ReflecT•K is a potent anti-aging ingredient designed to maximize Vitamin D absorption and help safeguard skin against UV damage.

As a seasoned esthetician, Tina•K. has always understood the importance of slathering on sunscreen, but worried that her clients, like the majority of us, probably weren’t getting enough Vitamin D. Frustrated by the utter lack of beauty products available to both protect skin against UV damage and encourage Vitamin D absorption (which plays a critical role in skin health), she made it her mission to create a line of skin care products infused with a powerful anti-aging ingredient that does just that. ReflecT•K, a proprietary blend of two patented ingredients, soaks up the sun’s good rays, dramatically tightening and toning skin by increasing collagen production, while simultaneously converting the harmful UV rays into a natural healing red light that repairs skin damage. It awakens the body’s receptors to absorb Vitamin D as well, a key component to keeping skin looking radiant, youthful and clear, and balances circadian rhythm due to lack of sun exposure so your body is in sync.